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Abnormal Load Transport

Cippà Trasporti transports abnormal loads throughout Switzerland and the whole of Europe.

Thanks to its own fleet of vehicles and specialised personnel, Cippà Trasporti offers the following services:

  • Vehicle recovery
  • Handling of work machinery
  • Handling of heavy goods vehicles and boats
  • Hoisting, handling and dispatch of large, heavy goods
  • Transportation of special goods, plants, prefabricated structures, warehouses
  • Transportation of silos, tanks, dies, drawn products and upright loads
  • Transportation of beams and other voluminous and cumbersome types of loads
Cippà Trasporti's staff are well-trained, professional experts; capable of researching and organising the transportation of products of abnormal sizes, even in difficult conditions.

Cippà Trasporti's exceptional load transport division organises the transport from start to end:
  • advice and preparation of the itinerary
  • permit applications handled with the relevant authorities both in Switzerland and throughout the whole of Europe
  • permit applications and documentation for the management of abnormal loads both in Switzerland and throughout the whole of Europe
  • fast handling of any paperwork needed to obtain permits (even permanent ones) and escorts (police, armed forces, pilot vehicles, BF3, BF2) both in Switzerland and throughout the whole of Europe
  • Paperwork for abnormal load transport

  • Transportation of boats and yachts.
  • Transportation of large generators
  • Transportation of transformers by rail
  • Handling and transportation of industrial vehicles
Logistics and Storage Services
Cippà Trasporti deals with the transportation, unloading, storage, distribution and subsequent redirecting or delivery of goods to any destination and has a customs warehouse with a covered surface area of 2,000 m² connected with the railway. When necessary, Cippà Trasporti also arranges for specific controls to be carried out before repacking and dispatching the goods.

Special Valuables Service
In the event of valuable goods, Cippà Trasporti's exceptional load transport division provides suitable means and highly specialised personnel for the management of special time schedules and products requiring a different type of care compared to that required for the transportation of standard goods.

Sea and Air Services
Thanks to excellent relationships with the leading sea and air freight companies, Cippà Trasporti's exceptional load transport division offers the best solution for every single requirement at competitive prices. Cippà's combined Sea/Air service is the ideal solution for large intercontinental shipments, offering great reductions in time and optimising costs.


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